How do I get started?
- Set up your brokerage account with a partner broker
- Register with Toodls and set up integration with the brokerage (this takes a couple of minutes)
- Start Paper Trading and evaluate the service
What brokerages does Toodls work with?
We currently work with Alpaca ( and are working on integrating Interactive Brokers ( soon.
What stocks does Toodls trade?
TQQQ and SQQQ. We are working on adding more 3x ETFs and Stocks.
Does Toodls facilitate day trading, swing trading, or both?
Currently, our algos are designed strictly for day trading. We will add additional options as we develop new strategies.
Can I allocate funds to my choice of stock/ETF?
You can set your portfolio to your preference and allocate a percentage of funds to trade.
Is there a minimum capital requirement?
No, we do not have any capital requirement, but you would need to deposit at least $30,000 ($25,000 + $5,000 as a buffer) in your broker's account to permit multiple day trades due to PDT rules. See Alpaca Pattern Day Trader Requirements.
That being said, you could trade any amount as low as 1% ($300) and then increase your allocation as you see fit.
Are my funds locked in a contract?
You are always in control of your funds. You can start/stop trading and add/withdraw funds without giving any notice - no contracts or commitments.
Is there a fee to use Toodls?
Yes, we will charge a Service Fee for Live Trading.
Please contact us for more information -
What is the Toodls Algorithm strategy?
We are not willing to discuss this and will modify the strategies from time to time to maximize returns.
What kind of performance expectations should a client have?
Toodls will not set expectations, nor make any forward-looking statement. We would like your paper trading to validate what the system is capable of.