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What Does Toodls Do?

Toodls provides an Automated Algorithm-Based Stock trading service that allows users to manage their day-trading activities in an autonomous and unemotional environment. The main benefit is that the trader does not have to micro-manage every trade and lets Toodls execute all buy and sell transactions based on pre-selected stocks and strategies; while using your brokerage account.

How Toodls Works

Toodls - Setup Your Account

Setup Your Account

  • Set up brokerage account with a partner broker.
  • Fund the brokerage account.
  • Register with Toodls and set up integration with the brokerage (takes a couple of minutes).
Toodls - Pick Your Stock

Pick Your Stock

  • Pick from an assortment of Stocks/ETFs.
  • Set the percentage allocation for each trade.
  • Set the Toodls Algo Robot to start trading on your behalf.
Toodls - Start Algo Robot

Start Toodls Algo Robot

  • Toodls will send algorithmically generated buy/sell orders based on your selection of stocks to your broker.